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Learn from the intern's letter about the human face of Shennan Microelectronics

Date:Sep 8,2018

Shennan Microelectronics has always treated every practitioner with a high degree of humanistic care, and firmly believes in respecting people, respecting people, loving people, and people who love it. The following is a letter from the intern. The university student is using the summer internship to work and study, working hard and striving for progress. Our company has also given full recognition.


[The following is the content of the letter]


Dear Mr.Hu,

How are you!

Time flies too fast, make us be overwhelmed.

I still clearly remember that I just went to Shenzhen North to stand in the sea of people and find the feeling of fear and helplessness. In Shenzhen, Hu Bei and I are like two drifting birds. You got back to the company and you have a place to live. In this short period of nearly two months, it seems to me that it has fallen to a home with sound and color, and there are birds and flowers and of course there are wind and rain. Here, I will open a different life.


I respect you, you are like my teacher. Less than two months of growth memory, saying that the length is not long, but the short is not short, I think the biggest gain is not to say how much work or how much money, but to grow a lot, added a lot of I have never had a life experience, and I have a deeper understanding of the true meaning of the phrase "Listen to a singer and win a ten-year book." Every time you teach me to give me the feeling that there are not many words, but the words are smashed, every sentence can be straightforward and hurt. These will be the most precious and indispensable wealth in my future life, and the weapon I rely on to survive. Regardless of the future, I would like to thank you, thank you for appearing in my life, bringing motivation, hope, thank you for giving me memories that I will always cherish.


I used to listen to adults and said that having a good teacher can refresh your three views, open up your limitations, let you come out of the dust, and discover that the world is not just what you saw before, it is bigger. More yuan. Mr. Hu, I believe that you are the only good teacher in my life. Supervise me to learn, guide me to be a man, and teach me more life. When I first came to work at the company, I spent more than a week to draw a chip bond map, but every time I consciously finished submitting the acceptance to you, it made me feel annoyed because I was afraid of being stupid. Not up to the standard, because I am afraid that you will give me the advice of the teacher to teach me, of course, I am even more afraid that you are disappointed with me. However, I was wrong. No matter what problems I have, you are very patient and re-directed me. After repeated failures, revisions, and qualifications, these growth processes gradually made me perfect. Not only that, but you also pave the way for my future development, buy an English dictionary for me, buy high-level counseling materials, and tell me how to follow the strategy to get closer to success. Everything is not forgotten in my heart. I keep telling myself that I want to be prosperous, to be stronger, to be worthy of your contribution and expectation to me, to be as successful as you said, to speak English, use computer, including professional course tutorials.


Of course, what you have given me, not only in terms of learning, but also in life, I am also tireless in guiding me. I have learned how to cook, how to get rid of the pulp, how to promote it, how to be a person, and constantly encourage me to forge ahead. Teach me a lot of tips for life, and even the secrets of success are passed to me without reservation. Also with your support and help, Hu Bei and I are also honored to participate in the 2nd Guangdong Alumni Association. I met the president, dean, and famous people from all over the country. They are concerned about the development of their alma mater. Under the leadership of Gao Ming, the alma mater, he never let them down. It is really an eye-opener, and the heart is very excited. It can't be calm for a long time. These are things that I didn't think of before I came. I didn't expect my experience in Shenzhen to be so memorable. I didn't think you were so kind and kind, and preached.


As for the company atmosphere, all employees get along very well under your leadership. Although sometimes it is inevitable to be lazy, but for the company's work, they have never slacked off. Chen, the director of the finance department, always feels a serious person. Sometimes I am afraid to be close to me, but I know that she is also a very lively person. The accountant Mei is sincere and helpful, no matter where Life is still working and learning, it helps me to give me a lot, and I don't bother; the Finance Department Jianhua, I think she is a very detailed but simple big child, but more I think she is in cooking. More rigorous and meticulous; Zongwangge of the sales department, this big brother looks very unreliable, but it is very trustworthy to do things, and often bring me breakfast and help clean. They all do their jobs, they are full of embarrassment for the future, and they live happily. The little rookie, working with them, meeting together, cooking together, and even chatting together, makes people feel so full and happy, almost happy. Under their influence, I have perfected myself, saw my shortcomings and shortcomings, and slowly corrected it. I think even if I went to school, I am very glad that I was a part of the company. It is a seemingly weak but rushing new blood in Shenzhen Shennan Microelectronics Co., Ltd.


I am the most respected Mr. Hu. I remember that once you were enlightened in the car, people’s achievements in life have not left the three factors, that is, “superior guidance”, “excellent help” and “self-effort”. ". You also said that in these three aspects, "self-effort" is the most important, which makes me think that the ancient tactics are also the most important aspects of three aspects, the right and the right and the indispensable. For me, my own efforts are important, but in the path of life's growth, you are more important to me, both my high-ranking person and my noble person, and even my teacher. It is my most powerful and powerful way to success.


Finally, although I am from the countryside, I will not say any gorgeous language to express my gratitude to you, but please let me say it again, Mr. Hu, thank you for your trust in me, I have been conscious of the company for nearly two months. There is no substantial help, but the company gave me, I remember it. It is also because of your support and care that I can work without any worries and progress. I promise you that you will not be able to cultivate and hope for your care.


I wish you good health and good luck!


                                                Jiangsu Institute of Information: Telecommunications 172, Shi Fengfeng

                                                                                            Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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