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Shenzhen Shennan Microelectronics Co., Ltd.. Promise that in typical situation,3 years free maintenance is offered for LED bulb. 
On the premise of proper use and storage, Shenzhen Shennan Microelectronics Co., Ltd.. promise free maintenance or replacement for any products due to poor quality in the guaranty period. The guaranty will only be served to original or end user-customers. 
However,the following cases are not covered by the guaranty:
1)Open the lamp without obeying the instructions and leads the crack of the housing and damage or loss of the fittings. 
2)Disabled product damage due to improper use. 
3)Any damage due to improper use in violation of the instruction manuals. 
4)Any damage of parts due to high temperature or high/low voltage which beyond the working limit of the products performance.

 1.Quick reply the customer's inquiry within 24 hrs


2.OEM & ODM, customized service available, any customized lightings we can 


    help to design and put into produce, e.g. buyer's logo and design service etc


3.Provide you indoor/outdoor LED lighting solutions.


4.Protection of your sales area, design patent and all your private information 



Main market are Europe (France, Italy, UK, etc.), the United States,Mexico,Australia and other countries and regions.


The manufacturer you can trust in led lighting -Shennan Co.,Ltd 


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